Head Lice Treatments

  • When it comes to lice-treatment, there are no shortage of myths and tall stories to sift through. While some of these harsh chemicals or home remedies may offer temporary relief, others could hamper future efforts to get rid of the lice permanently.

  • Many people do not know that a popular ingredient found in most lice treatments available today, originated from a pesticide that was developed during World War Il. The pesticide is extremely potent and was originally developed to kill mosquitoes, however it was found to work with head-lice as well. Since this discovery many lice treatment products available in the United States make use of these highly toxic chemicals in a diluted form. Other chemical treatments have been developed since, but aside from their expensive price tags, lice have learned to develop a resistance to their chemicals rendering them useless.

  • A lice infestation is an uncomfortable thing to have to endure. Not only because of the physical side effects, but the social stigma it still carries makes people extremely eager to find a quick and reliable cure. To this end, many turn to ‘home remedies’ as a cheaper, more convenient and safer alternative to the over the counter chemical solutions. Hair wrapping, greasy hair masks or mayonnaise treatments are among some of the desperate attempts people will make in an effort to rid themselves of the dreaded infestation. These home remedies are messy and ineffective.

  • For those opting for more clinical solution, there are many chemical-based over-the-counter or prescription shampoos available. These potent formulas may promise the world and although they may have yielded results in the past, head lice have evolved over the years. The irksome critters have learned to tolerate the nasty chemicals in the shampoos.  Lice Troopers avoid the toxic ingredients in favor of our specially developed, affordable and all-natural formula. Our treatment is 100% guaranteed. The specially trained clinical staff at Lice Troopers use medically approved lice combs, paired with our organic cleansing solution. This simple but effective combination is the only way to ensure the entire infestation is completely eliminated.

  • Lice Troopers all-natural solution is the only lice removal formula that is medically and scientifically approved. Our 100% guaranteed results have earned us international acclaim. Lice Troopers have been featured by many prominent publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, CBS, Time Out Magazine, influential blogs and numerous other respected media outlets.