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Lice and Men – A Brief History

Unlike many maladies and human troubles of the modern world, lice are old news! There is plenty of evidence of it in old poems, writing and other literature. Not to mention, the strong presence of lingo associated with lice! Where do you think words like lousy and... read more

Checklist When Hiring a Professional Lice Removal Service

Over the past few decades, over-the-counter anti-lice products have been used extensively by people across the US. Apart from the fact that these have now proven to be unsafe, recent years have also seen a slight upsurge in lice outbreaks and epidemics. For this... read more

Nits or Flakes? The Difference between Head Lice and Dandruff

The thing about nits and dandruff is that though the two are very different but people often confuse one for the other. There are reasons for this apart from appearing similar; the two might also produce similar symptoms. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to... read more

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