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What to Clean in Your House After a Head Lice Infestation

So, your household recently had a lice infestation; after a flurry of tantrums, missed days at school and work, head lice remedies, and agonizing nights spent head scratching; everyone is now finally rid of lice. But suddenly, an alarming thought pops in your head:... read more

Tips to Prevent Head Lice

Head to head contact is one of the main cause of lice and nit infestation in school going children. Here are some very effective and useful tips to prevent head lice in... read more

Head Lice Problem In Children

Head lice in children can be very troublesome especially for school going kids. What course of action you should be taking to deal with lice infestation and head lice problem in children, read... read more

Early Warning Signs of Lice

Schools in certain states in the U.S.—like Texas, California, Florida—are known to have some of the most stringent lice policies. Lice screenings are regularly conducted by school nurses in order to prevent any outbreak. The scalp, neck and behind the ear area are... read more

Are Lice Infestations and Hygiene Related?

If you’ve gone through the experience of having head lice or are currently experiencing it with yourself or your child, you know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be! You’re always worried if someone is standing too close—can they see the lice crawling? You’re... read more

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