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5 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Lice

Perhaps you are part of the few who’ve never had to deal with a lice outbreak and you want it to stay that way. Unfortunately, head lice infestations are pretty common among school-going children. So the chances of your kid contracting lice at one point are very real.... read more

Midwife Crisis: How Midwifery Can Also Lead to Infestations

There’s a certain joy in being an important part of someone’s happiness. Their smile and the way their face lights up when they’re excited gives you satisfaction. Being a midwife comes with its challenges, but it can be equally rewarding. You get to hold the newborn... read more

Lice Eggs—What OTC Anti-Lice Medication Companies Don’t Tell You

As if finding out that you have a lice infestation wasn’t horrifying enough, you’ll be surprised to find out the truth behind over the counter (OTC) anti-lice medications. These facts have remained hidden for so long because the companies who make them don’t want you... read more

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