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Common Head Lice Home Remedies to Avoid

One of the causes of hair loss is using products and remedies that damage hair. Here are a few remedies that are wreaking havoc to your scalp and hair: read more

Identifying Head Lice First Timer Guide

Do you have a bad itch in your head that you can't just shake it off? You might be a victim of pesky annoying careatures called head lice. To idnentify them correctly read the below... read more

Cool Costume Ideas for Your Kids This Halloween

Halloween is creeping up right around the corner, with October here already! It’s always an exciting time, with lovely fall weather, the leaves turning color and an air of mystery and spooks all around. For everyone in New York, it’s an all too exciting time, seeing... read more

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Are you ready for the greatest holiday of the year? Nope, not Christmas, not Hanukah, not Thanksgiving, not Eid—we’re talking about Ol’ Hallow’s Eve! No matter how old you area, whether you’re 13 or 33, there’s never a specific age to enjoy Halloween. It doesn’t... read more

What’s Causing an Itchy Scalp

At any given point in time, there is always one part of your body that itches. The above statement may not have a real scientific grounding or even explanation; it’s just a common saying that started off on the internet. It’s also one of those ‘facts’ that leave you... read more

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