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How to Become a Lice Troopers Member and What Are Its Advantages

2020 hasn’t been…less kind to us. The unpredicted onset of the coronavirus and the various humanitarian crises plaguing the world have made 2020 arguably the most difficult time of our lives. As we remain confined to the four walls of our home, slowly making our way... read more

Lice Prevention Tips, Advice, and Measures As Schools Reopen in NY

The sudden and unpredicted onset of the coronavirus has shaken us all. From threatening the economy and risking business closures to taking lives, the virus has reshaped the very fabric of our existence in a matter of months. After settling into the new normal and... read more

Should Kids Be Kept Out of School Due to Head Lice?

Some schools are finally beginning to open up, and while there are protocols in place to deal with the ongoing pandemic, schools in the US still don’t have a solid solution for lice infestations. As exciting as going back to school is for young kids, the anxiety of... read more

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