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About Lice Troopers | South Florida Lice Treatment

Our Mission: Eliminate Head Lice With One Treatment, Safely, Naturally.

Head lice are a nightmare and if it is not treated properly, it becomes a recurring one, passing back and forth among your children, their classmates, and potentially other family members. South Florida Lice Treatment available at our Salon or in the comfort of your home. Lice Troopers, using the nationally recognized Lice Busters method, thinks there is a better way: treat them with one effective method and stop them in their tracks.

Every parent has them—the horror stories of endless cases of these head louse parasites that simply would not go away. Just when you thought, you had removed every nit and washed every piece of fabric in the house, one of your children starts scratching. Not again!

Our story

The history of our company goes back to the founding of its sister company, Lice Busters, and lice removal pioneer, Dalya Harel. Harel, faced with repeated lice infestations in her nine children, was exasperated with over the counter treatments that were not only filled with harsh chemicals, but they didn’t work either.

Harel set out to find a removal treatment that actually worked…even if she had to create it herself. Investing her energies, determination and savings, she worked to develop an effective, all-natural treatment. The Lice Busters method was born, gaining her the nickname “the lice lady” by the New York Times. Soon Harel and Lice Busters were known nationally for this revolutionary, all-natural head lice treatment system.

Today we use this very same method—acclaimed across the country as the all-natural head lice treatment that really works. Whether at home or in our clinic, your removal treatment is guaranteed effective. No more nits or head louse parasites.

The Lice Troopers difference is all about:

Safe, All Natural, Non-Toxic Lice Treatment

Safe, All Natural, Non-Toxic Lice Treatment

No more harsh treatments that don’t work. Keep your children safe with a solution that is appropriate for children of all ages.

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Same Day Service

Same Day Service

These nasty parasites multiply by the day, so if you suspect an infestation, there is no time to waste. We take the problem seriously, handling your call the same day.

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Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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