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Head Lice and Scabies: Learning the Difference

August 5, 2018
Head Lice and Scabies: Learning the Difference

Scabies and lice have often been mistaken for one another on many occasions. Let’s discuss their actual differences and what one must do to get rid of them if they are infected.

Learning about Scabies and Head Lice

Scabies and head lice are indeed parasites from the group ectoparasites. These insects feed off the hosts blood and live on their bodies. However, that is where the similarities end.

A major difference between scabies and head lice is how they live and function.

Lice, medically referred to as Pediculus Humanus Capitis inhibit the human head. The adult female louse lays its eggs at the base of the hair shaft, close to the scalp. The nymphs hatch from the nits and live on the scalp. They feed on human blood several times a day. Often, lice spread through close head-to-head contact.

Scabies however, tunnel under your epidermal layer. These human itch mites, also known as Sarcoptes Scabiei dig into your skin and make a short burrow. They spread when a male mite penetrates that short burrow which the female mite has created.

After the female mite is impregnated, it leaves that burrow and roams the surface to find another location to make a burrow for her eggs. When the infested skin comes in contact with another human’s skin, this is when the outbreak occurs.

Diagnosing Scabies and Lice

Lice are perhaps the easiest parasite to diagnose. Those familiar with lice know the difference between nits and dandruff. Nits are tiny yellowish or white oval-shaped eggs which are glued to the base of the hair shaft. With lice, you’ll suffer from an itchy scalp along with the certain feeling that there’s something crawling on your head. These simple symptoms along should be able to diagnose lice.

Scabies on the other hand, might be a bit difficult to diagnose since they are microscopic. Not to mention that it’s not possible to know if you have them since they burrow under your skin, out of sight.

However, with scabies, you may suffer from rashes or redness which would be caused by your skin’s reaction to the parasite. Also, at the early stages, you may suffer from severe itching, especially at night times which would then lead to scratching, and that would cause skin sores. This would then lead to a bacterial infection.

Treating Scabies and Head Lice

Treatment for head lice usually involves using natural ingredients. Not to be mistaken for home remedies, these natural treatments use safe, all natural, non-toxic ingredients to effectively remove the lice.Such as lice removal clinic Orlando, FL offer such treatments.

Scabies are treated using prescription scabicides. Usually in the form of a cream or lotion, these scabicides are applied on the whole body, rather than just the affected part to avoid any spread.


When dealing with any skin-related disease, it’s important to know all the facts before you try any treatment. That is the only way you’ll be able to successfully rid yourself of any discomfort or complication that these parasites may cause.

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