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Myth-busting – Lice Treatment Addition

June 1, 2018
Myth-busting – Lice Treatment Addition

Dealing with lice infestations is easier said than done. Not only do you have to deal with a constantly itchy head but you also have to sift through countless false notions that do more harm than good.

 To ensure that our readers are never exposed these half truths and urban legends, we’ve taken the time to debunk them. We hope that this simple myth-busting guide will save you and your loved ones from the perils of trusting fake lice treatment facts.

Myth #1 – Hair Color Kills Lice:

Hair color has surged in popularity in recent years. Not only are people using this product to deal with the whites in their hair, but they’re also using vibrant colors to flaunt their artistic side. As most hair color products are toxic in nature, people have been falsely led to believe that these products can kill lice.

However, the fact of the matter is that hair color is completely ineffective against lice and nits. Furthermore, hair color makes matters much worse for professional lice removal clinics as it colors the lice in your head, making them much more difficult to spot! So, if you’re suffering from head lice, coloring your hair is NOT a good idea!

Myth #2 – Chemicals Are The Only Option:

Speaking of toxins, some clinics that offer lice removal services, claim that their toxic chemicals are the best shot for getting rid of head lice. To offer potential clients a false sense of security, they often tell them that their product has no long-term effects and is effective in killing lice.

Unfortunately, modern science begs to differ. Over the years, numerous medical reports have been published that show that head lice are becoming more and more resistant to chemical treatments. This means to kill the lice in your head, you need to rely on highly concentrated toxins which can cause severe scalp irritation and, in rare cases, even premature balding!

Therefore, it goes without saying that you should always rely on all-natural products to deal with lice infestations as the cons of chemical treatments outweigh and outnumber their pros!

Myth #3 – Pets Transmit Head Lice:

As far as the transmission of head lice is concerned, our pets often get a bad rap. People suffering from lice infestations think that the house pet (mostly their cat or dog) is to blame for constant itching.

Fact: head lice can’t survive in animal fur and need to rely on an active human host. In fact, the chemistry of the hair on your pet’s body is a hostile environment for lice and nits!

To reiterate, lice can never be transmitted from pets to humans or vice versa. So, the next time you have an itchy head, don’t blame or shun your furry buddy!

However, if you or your loved ones suffer from a nasty head lice infestation, we at Lice Troopers would love to help. We are renowned for our all-natural products that always bring relief to our clients in Miami and Key Biscayne.

Our hair lice removal clinics are efficient and effective at removing lice and minimizing the chances of a re-infestation.

Get in touch with us today to make these pesky parasites a thing of the past!

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