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What Happens When You Have Nits but No Lice

June 25, 2018
What Happens When You Have Nits but No Lice

If you have nits in your hair, the presence of an adult female louse is guaranteed. So why is it that you simply cannot find it, or any other lice for that matter?

If you’re worried about a rogue louse in your hair, let’s stop and think about the possibilities of it being MIA.

Several factors come to mind:

  • The louse might have laid its eggs then traveled to another head
  • It might have found your head incompatible and not laid as many eggs
  • It might have gotten old and died
  • It might have been knocked out of your hair when you were brushing or combing

These are but a few of the reasons why the louse might not be visible on your scalp. And though you may think that it’s because of your inadequate nit-picking abilities, the truth is that the louse is usually the easiest to remove.

And since it’s not there, this means you need to now remove all the nits as quickly as possible so there’s no chance of a re-infestation.

The Process of Removing Lice and Nits

If you can’t find the louse but still think it might be in there somewhere, the best way to find out the answer is by getting treatment. You’ll have several results:

  • You’ll either find lice
  • You’ll find dead lice and nits
  • You’ll only find nits

If you’ve only found nits but no lice, there are two possibilities. You might have a mild infestation problem. Or it could be leftover nits from an infestation that occurred a while ago. There’s no way of telling the real cause, but you’ll at least know what to do them.

A Word of Caution

Now that you know that you have no lice and only nits, you might be tempted to treat your hair at home. And that’s something we will not recommend.

While over-the-counter treatments are cheap, they’re not effective, and in some cases, can be extremely damaging for your hair and scalp.

Instead, it’s much more effective if you opt for all-natural lice removal treatments.

 Lice Troopers Orlando and Winter Park, FL offer professional lice removal services, using only natural ingredients so there’s no concern for allergic reactions. If you think you have a lice problem, head to our salon today.

We’ll get rid of your lice in no time!

Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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