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Preventing Head Lice During Holiday Season

Schools have reopened, and you may be relieved to finally have a break… After all, no school for a few weeks must mean no lice, right? Wrong! The holiday season poses just as much of a threat for lice outbreaks as summer camp, back-to-school, and summer vacations.... read more

How Long Can Head Lice Live?

Head lice create a universal health problem, particularly for children. Like every parasite, the house needs a host in order to survive. For head lice, this host is a human head. They suck blood from the scalp, their only supply of nourishment. Generally, lice live... read more

How to Check Yourself for Head Lice

Does your scalp feel itchy? If so, don’t dismiss the possibility that you might have a head lice infestation! After all, the tiny creepy crawlies don’t discriminate against anyone! While experts say that head lice aren’t a health hazard and don’t spread... read more

What Happens When You Have Nits but No Lice

If you have nits in your hair, the presence of an adult female louse is guaranteed. Why is it that you simply cannot find it or any other insects for that matter? Before we dig it to the question, let’s explain what lice are and why your concern is warranted. What are... read more

Getting Rid Of Head Lice: Let’s Test Your Lice Knowledge

An itchy scalp isn’t a known COVID-19 symptom, but more and more people are complaining of it during the global pandemic—all thanks to unexpected visitors:head lice. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there has been a significant increase in lice infestations amid the... read more

Dealing With a Lice Infestation? Here How You Should Treat Them

Just when you think you’re one step ahead of these pesky lice, they spring another surprise on you! Already somewhat treatment-resistant, it seems lice have now gotten one leg up on the evolutionary chart by now becoming super lice, a term given to them by the... read more

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