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They Won’t Go Away With Time! Why Lice Infestations Require Prompt Action

Lice infestations have plagued us since time immemorial. They can be very irritating to deal with, given the fact that they can leave you scratching your head (both literally and figuratively) as popular home remedies don’t do much against them! The worst aspect of... read more

The No-Nit Policy: All You Need To Know

The no-nit policy is a rule implemented in schools, according to which children who have lice or nits aren’t allowed to attend classes until they’ve fully eliminated head lice. While this varies from school to school, most educational institutions have adopted this... read more

Nibble With a Cause: Are Lice Bites Infectious?

There comes a time in our lives where we learn to expect the unexpected. Tangoing with the thunderbolt of surprises Fate sometimes throws our way, we’ve come to accept that things don’t always go as we plan. Going to a meeting when you suddenly realize you lost an... read more

Why the Third Time Should NOT Be the Charm: Dealing With Lice Re-infestations

There are some moments in life we wish we could eternalize; from spending a much-needed vacation at a gorgeous destination to snuggling with our favorite furry companion on a cold winter day. But then there are some days we wish were over the second they started. Like... read more

Lice Paranoia – 4 Signs of Post Traumatic Lice Disorder

If a long-standing sufferer of lice infestation was to rate their trauma on a scale, it would go to the extreme end. It’s no surprise that these little critters can disrupt the lives of “victims” in ways that are unimaginable. Work productivity, academic performance,... read more

Head lice and How much They Cost You

There's nothing great about the head lice infestion. Lice breakout is dangerous. Read how much head lice can cost you. read more

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