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October 27, 2017

It’s every parent’s nightmare—your kids have somehow been exposed to head lice and now they have it. Naturally you’re desperate to do whatever necessary in order to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you take a walk through your local drug store aisle, you’d be convinced that you have to have a harsh chemical or pesticide in order to kill lice and nits. You wonder if this is really the safest choice, but are there better options? Is there a treatment that is not only safe but also effective and guaranteed to work?


The happy answer is, “yes.” And it doesn’t involve hours in the bathroom with a jar of mayonnaise (a common home “remedy”) nor does it require weeks of nightly combing. There’s an all-natural treatment that is not only safe for children of all ages, it’s 100% guaranteed effective after just one treatment. How do you get this treatment? Just call Lice Troopers.


What our decades of experience has taught us is that you don’t need a stronger chemical to get rid of the bugs and nits, you need a better method. Our professional technicians are experts in lice removal and not a single drop of pesticide is used. That’s because we don’t kill the bugs, we remove them.


The head louse parasite is a notoriously strong and resilient creature. Harsher chemicals don’t kill it, they only make it stronger and more resistant. That’s why we have to manually get rid of the bugs and their eggs. No need for pesticides or toxins; with combs designed specially for this purpose, our experts meticulously comb through the hair ensuring that every bug and nit has been eradicated and that your household is lice free.


Skip the chemicals—they often can’t handle the problem and they only expose your child to harsh toxins. Instead, call Lice Troopers. Whether in our salon clinic or in the comfort of your home or other location, our trained experts handle the problem efficiently, professionally and discreetly. Not only is your treatment safe, it’s guaranteed effective after just one simple treatment.


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE.


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Lice Troopers is the all-natural, guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service™ that manually removes the head louse parasite safely and discreetly in our child-friendly salon setting or other chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, our team has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are widely recommended by pediatricians and are reimbursed by many major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We also provides a 100% treatment guarantee. Get lice free today with Lice Troopers.



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Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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