Now Serving Pompano Beach with In-Home Lice Removal Treatments

We at Lice Troopers proudly announce that we’ve expanded our reach to serve the residents of Pompano Beach! Though we have clinics scattered nationwide, certain areas were underserved. We strive to close that gap and provide effective lice solutions to as many families as possible.

The Same #I Rated Lice Removal Service—Delivered to Your Home

In this past year of unprecedented change, families across the world have learned to adapt—working, studying, and more from home. It’s been difficult, but we’ve learned a lot. We now know that plenty of services we’re used to getting at brick-and-mortar stores can be successfully done at our homes—ranging from hair cuts and manicures to therapy sessions and doctors appointments.
Our tried and true comb-out method uses pesticide free products to thicken hair strands and make the easy to work with. We don’t use insecticides or pesticides, as they’ve been deemed hazardous to health time and time again. we’re parents too, and want to protect all children from chemicals that have been proven to be harmful. With our in-home service, a Lice troopers certified technician comes to your Pompano Beach home with all the equipment needed and fully removes all lice and nits from your child—100% guaranteed.

Back to School

Lice spread where children gather. And though the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival and Fishing Rodeo may not come to pass anymore, kids still have school and team sports to look forward to. Head-to-head contact spreads lice the most, so group play tends to be the main culprit. Already stressed about the worldwide pandemic, the last thing you need is added stress brought on by a lice epidemic. Lice Troopers helps you stop an outbreak before it causes added distress to your little ones and you.

Our Process

  1. Call us to book your appointment. Stop lice in their tracks by calling us to book your in-home lice removal treatment. We’ll book you the very same day. We offer extended evening and weekend hours, so don’t worry if you have a busy schedule.
  1. Your Lice Troopers Technician arrives in an unmarked car. We arrive at the agreed upon time in unmarked cars. We know lice can be embarrassing and taboo, so we prioritize maintaining your privacy.
  1. Get treated for lice. Our technician will answer your questions and get started right away. Depending on the severity of the infestation, this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (average: I hour).
  1. Finally be lice-free! Ultimately, we remove every louse and hit. We also provide a 14day guarantee, so you can be assured your only receiving the most premium form of care. If you’d like a certificate for schools with no-hit policies or insurance reimbursement paperwork, this is when its offered or given. Your technician will leave and we know you’ll feel unmatched relief.

Safety Precautions

We at Lice Troopers put your safety, your child’s and that of our employees before anything else. To maintain it, we follow CDC guidelines as well as additional precautionary policies.
These include: sanitizing down surfaces before and after avoiding shaking hands & touching faces screening clients with pandemic-related questions wearing new gloves with each client washing hands before & after each appointment and more
If your battling lice, call us today at (800) 403-5423 and finally get lice-free!