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October 27, 2017

Despite all we know about the head louse parasite, confusion and stigma still exist around who gets it. Long thought to be a condition of those who were impoverished, or who did not maintain proper hygiene, we now know that cleanliness and income level actually have nothing to do with getting an infestation. So who gets head lice?

Children of all ages, races and socioeconomic classes can and do get lice. And while the condition is often associated with uncleanliness, the two are completely unrelated. These bugs are parasites that live on the hair and in the scalp of a human host. They actually tend to prefer clean hair as they are often deterred by strong odors. And once a child has it, no amount of shampooing will wash them away—they are remarkably resistant to soap, water and even harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Statistically the parasite is most likely to be passed among young, elementary-aged children between kindergarten and 4th grade, and generally, at this age, through head to head contact. As children get into the young junior high age, they are more likely to share personal belongings such as hats, hair brushes and bedding. Summer camp and sleepovers are also prime grounds for passing the bugs and nits.

Anyone can get head lice. The important thing is to treat them effectively, to not only stop the infestation in your own home, but to keep them from spreading to others. If you’re trying to eliminate the bugs, we offer the all-natural removal treatment in the Miami area that actually works. No more hassle or wasted money as you try every treatment the drug store has to offer. In the end they aren’t nearly as effective as thorough and complete nit-picking that will remove all bugs and nits. With just one appointment at our salon or by house call, you’re head lice free, guaranteed.

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Lice Troopers is the all-natural, guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service™ that manually removes the head louse parasite safely and discreetly in our child-friendly salon setting or other chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, our team has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are widely recommended by pediatricians and are reimbursed by many major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We also provides a 100% treatment guarantee. Get lice free today with Lice Troopers.



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