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Published on October 27, 2017


If you’re looking for an all-natural head lice treatment, you’ve probably heard all the tips and tricks. One common method thought to kill the bug is blow drying the hair. But do hair dryers kill lice?


Like any possible treatment method, the question is not simply if it can get rid of some of the bugs and their nits, but if it can eradicate the entire infestation. Even one bug or nit left behind can launch a new infestation so if the method can’t take care of the whole population, it can’t really be considered effective.


In a study, blow drying the hair was shown to kill of some of the lice. So yes, blow drying the hair can kill these bugs and even their nits. However, almost half of the bugs still remained, which means they were alive and viable, capable of laying more nits and keeping the infestation going and growing.


Thus, it doesn’t seem that a blow dryer is an effective tool for the treatment and removal of the head louse parasite. While some may die off in the process, a healthy number will remain. It is for this reason that we recommend going with a treatment that is guaranteed to remove all of the bugs and their nits. This is what constitutes a truly effective treatment.


And with Lice Troopers, this is what you get! Using state-of-the-art louse removal combs, our expert technicians work through the hair section by section until every single bug and nit have been removed. Best of all, there’s no stress, no mess and no hassle. You simply schedule your appointment (only one is needed!) at our clinic location, or set up a house call and let our technicians come to you. In just an hour, your household is lice free, guaranteed.


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