How To Be A Good Parent in 21st Century

What is parenting? Is just giving your child sufficient financial support and social protection already good enough? Well, not really. Besides these basics, some things are more important. For instance, mental support, empathy, shared values, interests, and tastes. No doubt, it is very hard to be a good parent in the 21st century as work takes so much time. Trust us, it is possible to find a work-life balance and be a good mom or dad. There are some tips you can turn to when it comes to proper communication.

What Causes Stress?

Reasons can differ, yet here are some common instances:


  • Misconceptions
  • Personal complexes
  • Maintaining one’s image while conversing with children
  • Always speaking with authority
  • Forgetting that everyone has a unique personality
  • Unclear explanation
  • Expectations are high
  • Always stuck in the past
  • Negative language and approach
  • Not admitting our blunders
  • Cooking for flaws in the children

If you feel like some situations cannot be solved with your tries, then turn to the family psychologist for proper help.

Live in Present 

Parents who refer to the past all the time may hurt their kids psychologically. Make sure your children live in the present and have prospects for the future. Anyone may make mistakes. Yet, it’s important to learn from them.. Don’t recall prior failures as it leads to continuing to bear the burden of negative experiences.

Talk Nicely

Do not get too sarcastic, do not criticize your child, and do not use too negative words. Instead, try to explain their mistakes by pointing out possible consequences, sharing how their actions are making you feel, and proposing some effective solutions. 

Do Not Compare

Parents add to their children’s anxiety and stress levels by continually comparing them to other children. Children develop people-pleaser syndrome from trying to be the best and worthy for their parents, and being unable to do so can be stressful. When kids begin to believe that everyone else is better than them, their self-esteem suffers.

Admit Your Mistakes

Want to go gain respect from your child? Learn how to admit your mistakes, even if it is hard. It is the best way to show an example and gain trust. It is critical to accept responsibility for our mistakes, apologize for them, and then learn from them so the chances of repeating them are minimized.

Be ClearLice-Troopers’-Lice-Treatment-Centers- how-to-be-a-good-parent

It takes time for kids to understand things. Make sure that you talked everything out with you children. It also helps create boundaries with your kids. Proper communication aids in the straightforward communication of expectations. 

Perfect parents do not exist. No one can be right all the time, but anyone can try to minimize the harm by sticking to basic logical concepts. Keep trying, and you will become the better version of a parent for your children.