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Lice Troopers Adds Much Needed Jobs To The Florida Job Market

Premium lice company joins the initiative to decrease New York State unemployment rates. December 8. 2020 – Providers of lice removal treatment Lice Troopers will expand their in-home treatment services to major metropolitan areas in New York, creating hundreds... read more


Florida becomes the best state for aspiring professionals, with Lice Troopers at the forefront. December 8. 2020 – Premier lice treatment company Lice Troopers has expanded the reach of their in-home lice removal services. They’ve been a saving grace for the... read more

How Long Can Head Lice Live?

Head lice create a universal health problem, particularly for children. Like every parasite, the house needs a host in order to survive. For head lice, this host is a human head. They suck blood from the scalp, their only supply of nourishment. Generally, lice live... read more

Now Serving Delray Beach with In-Home Lice Removal Treatments

Lice Troopers proudly now serves Delray Beach with our premium lice treatments. Our lice removal services help busy parents cope with a stressful situation. Lice infestations tend to drag on, and our services help nip them in the bud. We Come to You You no longer have... read more

How to Check Yourself for Head Lice

Does your scalp feel itchy? If so, don’t dismiss the possibility that you might have a head lice infestation! After all, the tiny creepy crawlies don’t discriminate against anyone! While experts say that head lice aren’t a health hazard and don’t spread... read more

Presenting: In-Home Lice Treatments, Now Serving West Palm Beach

Lice Troopers aims to help as many people as possible get rid of their lice problems. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re now serving West Palm Beach. With the current state of the world, we’re all at home more than usual. But the... read more

What Do Lice Look Like?

The first signs of head lice are usually an itchy scalp or a note from your child’s school nurse. The thought of having head lice leaves you feeling panicked and wanting a shower. But before starting to consider how you’ll get rid of them, you need to know what... read more

Lice vs. Dandruff: Spot the Difference, Stop the Infestation.

NO SCALP IS SAFE FROM LICE OR DANDRUFF You can easily ignore white specks on your child’s scalp. After all, children run around getting dirty all day, so a little dandruff may not surprise you. But when you see an abundance of white flakes on their scalp and even... read more

How to Become a Lice Troopers Member and What Are Its Advantages

2020 hasn’t been…less kind to us. The unpredicted onset of the coronavirus and the various humanitarian crises plaguing the world have made 2020 arguably the most difficult time of our lives. As we remain confined to the four walls of our home, slowly making our way... read more

Lice Prevention Tips, Advice, and Measures As Schools Reopen in NY

The sudden and unpredicted onset of the coronavirus has shaken us all. From threatening the economy and risking business closures to taking lives, the virus has reshaped the very fabric of our existence in a matter of months. After settling into the new normal and... read more

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