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Should Kids Be Kept Out of School Due to Head Lice?

Some schools are finally beginning to open up, and while there are protocols in place to deal with the ongoing pandemic, schools in the US still don’t have a solid solution for lice infestations. As exciting as going back to school is for young kids, the anxiety of... read more

What Happens When You Have Nits but No Lice

If you have nits in your hair, the presence of an adult female louse is guaranteed. Why is it that you simply cannot find it or any other insects for that matter? Before we dig it to the question, let’s explain what lice are and why your concern is warranted. What are... read more

Post-Lice Treatment Duties: How to Get Rid Of Head Lice from Your House

Schools in Port Washington have opened their doors for students for the fall session after six months of remote learning. As children flock back to school for masked instruction, the annual outbreak of head lice lurks beyond classroom doors. Even though schools and... read more

Navigating The New Normal: Parenting During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to our daily lives. With the stay-at-home mandate and unemployment rate at 11%, parents and caregivers are struggling with psychological and emotional distress. On top of that, with schools shut down, children are... read more

Tackling Another Outbreak During COVID-19 Isolation: Head Lice

When non-essential businesses and schools went into lockdown in light of the novel coronavirus as early as March, the last thing on anyone’s mind was head lice. But as people who went into the lockdown with their loved ones and family members can attest, a global... read more

How to Care for Your Child Hair While Sheltering in Place During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all forced to stay inside our homes to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. But people are now beginning to embrace the new normal. How they work, seek education, or spend their leisure time—everything has... read more

Lice in The Spotlight: How TV Shows Depict Lice Infestations

There’s a reason why we love television shows and sitcoms that center around the American family. Whether it’s larger than life, loving families or dysfunctional ones, we love watching shows that reflect our values—and our family drama! It’s much better to see it... read more

The Various Challenges Of Working From Home During The Pandemic

You roll out of bed, smooth down your tousled hair, make yourself a heaping plate of pancakes that you enjoy while attending back-to-back Zoom meetings in your pajamas. You’ve got so much free time, so why not dive into a new hobby or lose yourself in a great book If... read more

Battle Ready—Preparing For the Super Lice Invasion

The coronavirus has us all running for cover. What seemed like a faraway virus in another corner of the world, has now become 2020’s most gruesome realities. From practicing social distancing and staying indoors for quarantine, we’re pretty much confined to the... read more

A Clinical Update on Head Lice

The coronavirus has disrupted lives as we know it. From forcing us to maintain a safe distance from our loved ones to confining us indoors in an attempt to flatten the curve together, we’ve all been driven into a new world order (quite reluctantly), and we’re still... read more

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