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Natural Remedies for Lice Removal: Yay or Nay?

If you’ve had lice and have attempted to remove them at home, then you’ll be well-versed in the art of home remedies for these nasty parasites. It’s a much debated subject, and you’ll find that when it comes to lice removal, natural remedies are best—but natural home... read more

Is Coconut Oil Head Lice Treatment Really Effective?

Can coconut oil help us get rid of head lice? It’s a question we get asked quite often, especially from worried moms. Here, at Lice Troopers, our goal is to equip you with the right information and tools to help you prevent and treat head lice effectively. To remain... read more

Keep Calm: Maintaining Your Safety and Wellbeing During a Lice Removal Appointment

With schools in Glen Cove likely to reopen in the fall, you have a window to utilize your remaining COVID-19 quarantine time to get rid of another publicly known health problem: a lice infestation. These little monsters—a bane of life with school-going kids—were... read more

New School Lice Policies on the Way

Imagine having to pick your child from school in the middle of the day because you receiveda call from the principal’soffice who dares to claim your child hashead lice! You take him home, spend hours combing through his hair with a lice comb, using a concoction of... read more

Signs Your Child Has Lice and She’s Hiding it

They are small. They’re uncanny. And they’re a menace. That’s head lice for you. And they’re in your daughter’s hair! Just as annoying these parasites are the last things parents want to see in their child’s hair. Nonetheless, head lice have an existence that cannot... read more

Family Hairlooms: Dealing With Head Lice as a Team

Through thick and thin; through sickness and health; come rain, come snow—a family that sticks together stays together. Sure, there are times when we wish we had a choice in choosing our family. Sure, there are times when Dad’s cringey jokes and Mom’s constant nagging... read more

Always Choose the Professional Route When Thinking of Lice Treatment Options

Parents have three main options to choose from when it comes to lice removal. There’s the DIY method, i.e. slathering your child’s head with an OTC lice removal solution or hiring professional lice removal services. DIY Lice Removal Isn’t 100% Successful Yes, parents... read more

Your Kid’s Head Lice Keep Coming Back? Here’s WHY

If you are parent of school-aged children, then you are probably well-aware of the anxiety when they start scratching their head. For most kids, lice seem to have created a lease agreement of sorts; as soon as you think your child is no longer going to encounter those... read more

The Calm Before A Critter-y Storm

You will never see them coming. They will arrive, sneakily, one day when you least expect them. Unwelcome guests with ghostly steps which you will first dismiss as mere irritation. Only once they settle down and start a family will you realize that you have been... read more

Halloween Is Coming! What Are You Going to Do about the Real Monsters in Your Child’s Hair?

That time of the year is coming again – a day of mischievous tricks and sweet treats. One day out of the entire year, to dress-up anyway you want to. Halloween is coming and judging by the popularity of clowns, your kid would want to be one too! Not yet sure about... read more

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