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5 Reasons Why Your OTC Lice Treatment DId Not Alleviate the Symptoms

October 18, 2019

Check out these five reasons why your OTC-lice treatment did not alleviate the symptoms.   read more

The Spread of Head lice – How Does It Work

October 15, 2019

Head lice are spread through direct contact of an un-infested person's hair with an infested head. Read more about it here: read more

Reasons Why Your Child Might be Acting Out

October 15, 2019

According to Colorado State University Extension Service, bad behaviour, like temper tanturms, occur in upto 83% of children aged 2 -4 years. Checkout these reasons why your child might be acting... read more

Causes of Head-lice Infestation in Adulthood

October 15, 2019

Head-to-head contact is the fastest way to get your head infested with head-lice, whether you are a child or an adult. Read all the cause of head lice infestation in... read more

Better, Faster, Stronger: How Lice Are Fighting Back!

September 26, 2019

It’s a tale as old as time. It’s the stuff that epics are made of. The age-old story of two rivals: the protagonist and the antagonist. You find yourself rooting for the protagonist who, against all the odds, tries to defeat an ancient evil. Only to succumb to a... read more

Halloween Costumes and Lice—Preparing Early

September 26, 2019

Everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner: Halloween is only a few weeks away! The real horror though, is not in the spooky décor, elaborate costumes or horror movie marathons; it’s a certain blood sucking creepy crawly that takes over human lives. Any... read more

Avoiding Lice during Football Season

September 26, 2019

Fall and Football There are two good things about September–December: cool weather and football season. Whether it’s NFL or college football, this is the time when stakes are high, and games are intense. Kick-offs are kicking off and there’s a buzz of excitement all... read more

How Effective Is Hot Air Treatment Against Head Lice?

September 26, 2019

If you find yourself encountering head lice for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed and perturbed and deeply troubled. While the frustration is understandable and can also be quite stressful, it’s important to take a deep breath and remind yourself that lice... read more

Back to School: A Guide to Staying Lice-Free

September 26, 2019

Back to school season is probably your favorite for two reasons.  A) You love preparing your kids for school and B) of course, you love the extra time to yourself during the day while the kids are away. While back to school prep can include extensive scheduling, new... read more

3 Hairstyles That Can Help Prevent Head Lice

September 24, 2019

Finding out that your child has head lice is frustrating. With over six million cases of head lice being reported each year by the CDC, preschool and elementary school kids are at high risk of contracting the critters. For parents, the best way to ensure their child... read more

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