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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Trouble We’ve Gone Through Because of Lice

Like a cheetah with its teeth wrapped around a helpless deer’s neck, lice have us caught by the strands of our hair. If you’ve ever struggled with years of lice infestation, you have an understanding of the high levels of stress that comes with the problem. The pesky... read more

A Guide To Removing Head Lice Eggs

Do you face recurring head lice problems, in spite of all those home remedies you tried? It’s common for many individuals to face repetitive infestations, and it’s largely due to the fact that they tend to target nits instead of lice. Many of us are not aware that... read more

Broaching the Subject: Dealing with Lice Stigma

As if having a head lice infestation in itself isn’t bad enough, young children and adults alike also have to deal with the stigma attached to it. Getting head lice can be quite the troubling time, what with the incessant itching and the struggle to eliminate them... read more

Common Treatments for Head Lice Removal

Upon hearing the dreadful news that their children have caught lice, most parents panic. However, if you are reading this, you don’t have to panic just yet. Catching lice isn’t a disease; and just as easily as children catch it from others, you can get rid of it for... read more

Common Head lice Myths: Busted!

“Everyone in the house should be treated for head lice.” “The outbreak is as a result of poor hygiene.” “It can cause diseases.” Do these statements sound familiar? At some point in time, you may have heard these from your friends or family members. But do you know if... read more


1. Kids get lice because of poor hygiene or a dirty home. This is the first of the head lice myths and the most common. Quite a lot of stigma still exists around this common condition and how you get it, with most people associating it with lower socioeconomic classes... read more


With decades of experience in the lice removal industry, we’ve learned quite a few things about these parasites and how they operate. As the holiday season approaches, the last thing you want to deal with is an infestation. So we’re here to offer some of our best lice... read more

How To Detect Head Lice On Your Child – Lice Troopers Blog

Symptoms and Detection of Head Lice It’s not something we like to think about, but lice can easily spread throughout a home or school. To prevent major outbreaks, it’s necessary to notice the signs of a lice infestation and to learn how to detect head... read more

Miami Lice Clinic Presents: 3 Tips For Preventing Head Lice

12 million Head Lice cases per year in U.S. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that U.S. residents report up to 12 million head-lice cases per year. For some perspective, that is twice the population of Missouri! Read more information and view these tips for... read more

Safe, Effective and Child Friendly Lice Treatment

Acting Fast is the Key to Controlling Infestations Did you know that Head Lice can lay up to 10 eggs per day? These little eggs are more commonly known as nits and are roughly the size of a sesame seed. Because of the rapid growth rate and contagious nature of head... read more

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