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Be a Hero and Help Your Child Defeat Those Creepy Crawlies, Once and For All

Remember the first time your 4-year-old girl fell off the swing and hurt her knee in the playground? Her soft black tresses disheveled against her forehead as you gently cupped her angelic face in your palms, whispering words of consolation. Or the time little Joey... read more

5 Reasons To Stay Away From Over The Counter Head Lice Removal Products

Here are the five main reasons to stay away from over the counter head lice removal products: This infographic is presented by Lice Troopers, your one stop for total lice removal in your home and... read more

Concerns You Have Regarding Your Child’s Headlice

It can be really frightening to get a call from your child's school informing you of the presence of head lice in her/his hair! read more

Personal Hygiene and Head Lice: What’s The Connection?

It’s a common misconception among many that head lice have something to do with personal hygiene. Whenever we hear of someone having caught lice, we immediately rush to assume that they’re unhygienic and unclean. Schools are full of kids that make fun of other kids... read more

Did I Get Head Lice From My Dog?

As a parent, you must already be familiar with head lice. If you’ve received a call from the nurse at your child’s school, informing you that your child is infested with lice, you may begin to wonder where the nasty, blood-sucking critters came from. No worries, we’ll... read more

What You Should Know About Head Lice

Nits (lice eggs) have the tendency of taking up the same color as that of the hair they are on.  Read on to know what you should know about the head lice. read more

Is It Really True That Hair Dye Can Get Rid of Lice?

The short answer is no. Sure, hair dyes do contain a lot of strong chemicals and are known to be toxic, even causing harm to your hair. You’d justifiably assume that they’d work quite effectively in killing parasites off your scalp as well. However, the truth of the... read more

3 Simple Steps to Help You Identify Head Lice

Head lice are extremely common in the United States. They’re mostly common among pre-school and elementary school kids. Past research has found that around 6 to 12 million children aged 3–11 get affected by head lice every year in the country. Though lice are not... read more

Blood Suckers Or Home Wreckers?

Even though families vow to stick together in sickness and in health, sometimes these promises become too fragile to bear the social consequences of lice infestation. As lousy as it seems, the problem of head lice has grown to affect the well-being of families. Family... read more

3 Hairstyles To Prevent The Spread of Lice

Be it a party or a regular work day, deciding how to tie your hair can take up to 20 minutes of mirror time. The task naturally becomes more complicated when you have to use your hairstyle for other purposes: covering bald spots, concealing dandruff or (worse yet)... read more

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