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Lice & Love: Breaking the Bad News to Your Partner

Nothing can come between true love—challenge accepted!Even if small and non-dangerous (besides the blood sucking and itching), head lice have been known to cause serious rifts. Everyone gets head lice – school teachers, babysitters, chefs, firemen,... read more

Why Hiring a Lice Removal Professional is the Best Decision You’ll Make

As a parent, one thing you’ll be well-acquainted with, other than dirty diapers and temper tantrums, is the frustration that is head lice. When kids start going to school and spending more and more time with others of their age—that environment is where... read more

Beat Lice Without Emptying Your Wallets – Visit Our Lice Treatment Salon In Kendall

Most parents’ go-to solution for their kid’s lice is to run down to the store and pick up anti-lice shampoos and other medication that will remove the pesky critters from their child’s head. They’ll come back home, douse their kid’s head... read more

Did your Kids Catch Lice in Summer Camp? Bring them to Lice Troopers’ Lice Treatment Centers

Summer is upon us and the excitement is brewing. Children and parents alike look forward to this time of year for some valuable time off that they work all year for. One common thing that may slip a parent’s mind is the possibility of your kids bringing home... read more

Benefits of Getting Treated At a Lice Treatment Salon

Imagine the frustration of trying to get rid of head lice time and time again, only to see a louse crawling in your hair the next day. Have you used one of those “sure-fire” home remedies or an OTC product claiming to effectively remove lice and nits all... read more

Chronic Head Lice? Yeah, it's a Thing

Chronic Head Lice? Yeah, it's a thing and perhaps one of the worse nightmares a parent and child have to deal with.  You notice your child keeps scratching their head or you get that dreaded call from their school, saying little John or Suzie need to be... read more

Over-the-Counter Treatments for Head Lice: How Effective Are They?

Summer’s over and your kids have headed back to their school. Are you bracing yourself for a lice infestation in your house soon? While your neighbors and friends will recommend stocking up on insecticides that contain permethrin and pyrethrin to kill lice,... read more

Fear of the First Kiss: Nightmares of Getting Intimate with Lice

If you’ve had cold feet right before going in for a kiss, don’t worry, you’re just one out of the many who’ve felt the same way! Fear of intimacy is a real problem, and it’s known as philemaphobia. This phobia can take over at any,... read more

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