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October 27, 2017

If you’ve just discovered that your child has a case of head lice, you’re probably planning your trip to the drug store to pick up a head lice shampoo that will hopefully get rid of the problem. As you stand in the aisle looking at rows of boxes, you’re wondering which will actually do the trick. Or maybe you got a prescription from your doctor, so you’re feeling confident that the problem will soon be under control. Because if it’s a prescription, it has to work, right?


Unfortunately, recent studies are showing what many parents had already confirmed through trial and error: lice shampoos just don’t work. While they may kill off a few of the bugs, they are not sufficient to eradicate an infestation. And since even one bug or nit left behind can launch a repeat infestation, killing off some of the bugs or even most of the bugs isn’t enough. You need them ALL gone.


Why don’t lice shampoos work? In much the same way that overuse of antibiotics has resulted in resistant bacteria, lice have evolved to become resistant to the chemicals and pesticides designed to eradicate them. The bugs get stronger, and thus stronger chemicals are developed to kill them. But over time, the bugs become strong enough to withstand those chemicals too. It is a losing battle.


The other problem with these products is their high level of toxic chemicals—not exactly the kind of thing you want to be putting on your child’s sensitive skin. Known side effects include rashes, chemical burns, seizures and, in some unfortunate cases, death. The risk simply isn’t worth it for a product that is not guaranteed to work.


So what is a parent to do? The secret to lice removal is not the strength of the chemical, but the skill of the technician. See, at Lice Troopers, we don’t try to kill the bugs and their pesky nits, we remove them. With state of the art removal combs in the hands of trained professionals, we work through the hair thoroughly and meticulously until all traces of the infestation are gone. Treatment is safe, all-natural and 100% guaranteed effective. Why would you trust your child’s head to anything else?


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