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October 27, 2017

Most parents are aware of the dangers of exposing their children to the kinds of harsh pesticides and chemicals found in common over-the-counter drugstore lice treatments and prescription shampoos. Not only are these treatments full of toxic chemicals, they often can’t effectively get rid of the bugs and their nits, thus requiring multiple treatments and repeated exposure. Despite their urgency to eradicate the problem, it’s no wonder parents want to avoid this route.


So when this parasite invades their household, parents make a beeline for the Internet forums in search of the remedy that will get rid of this pesky problem once and for all. There they find recommendations ranging from smothering the child’s head in mayonnaise or olive oil, to treating the scalp with essential oils, and a host of other old wives’ tales. While these treatments are messy, not to mention ineffective, they can also be dangerous.


Recently an 18-month-old child in Massachusetts died of suffocation after parents had smothered her head with mayonnaise, covered the hair in a plastic bag and put her to bed. The plastic bag suffocated her. While “natural” lice home remedies seem like the way to go, it must be remembered that they can carry their own dangers, and a plastic bag should never be placed over a child’s head. This is a tragedy that could have easily been prevented.


At Lice Troopers, we understand parents’ desire for a treatment that is chemical-free and all-natural. That’s why we provide the treatment that takes care of the bugs without any use of chemicals. It’s also hassle-free, mess-free and danger-free, because instead of trying to kill off the bugs and their eggs, we remove them. While you sit and have a cup of coffee, our skilled technicians work through your child’s hair using fine-toothed combs designed specifically for this purpose. Treatment takes about an hour, and when every single louse and nit have been removed, you receive your Lice Free Guarantee.
Next time the head louse parasite hits your household, choose the treatment option that’s truly safe, not to mention 100% guaranteed effective after just one appointment. Choose Lice Troopers.


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