Head Lice Life Cycle – How Long Have You Had This Menace?

There are fewer things more uncomfortable and awkward for parents than talks of lice and its prevention.Yes, it’s possible to get the shivers (of disgust) just by hearing the word louse. We spend hundreds of dollars on its eradication from our homes, schools, and yards. We spend sleepless nights and exhausting days trying to comb lice, only to discover our children scratching behind the ears again. This is a menace that doesn’t leave us alone.

Tracking Life Cycle of Lice May Help In Its Complete Extermination

Remember this; lice are parasitic insects. They need human blood to survive and a warm dark place to lay their eggs. These little critters form a kind of parasitic relationship with their human host, sucking off blood from their scalp. There are many tell-tale indicators that scream, “I have head lice”; yet sometimes you won’t even realize your kid has lice, until after seeing one crawling on his hair. This is why it’s important to track life cycle of lice. It may have already laid eggs!

Total Lifespan Of A Head Louse Is…

Not more than a month (sometimes 45 days) according to expert lice removal technicians at Lice Troopers. However, 30 days is enough to wreak havoc in one’s hair.
  1.  Female louse crawls to the hair, to lay an egg (nit).
  2.  The egg hatches after 8–10 days into nymphs. These are baby lice and take about 3 weeks to mature. Adult lice can reproduce.
  3.  Female lice can easily lay up to 10 eggs per day!

Some FAQs about Head Lice

How Long Can Head Lice Live Without a Host? Lice can live up to two days away from a host’s head. They cling on furniture, carpets, clothing, bedding, and even pets for a temporary amount of time. Nits or lice eggs however can live up to 9 days away from a host. Of course, that is until the critters hatch. How Long Can Head Lice Live In Clothing? Head lice are able to live up to 48 hours in clothing. However, they require nourishment in the form of human blood which is why lice die. Does someone in your family have head lice? Take care of this disgusting issue professionally by calling Lice Troopers, one of the best lice removal salons Key Biscayne that guarantees eradication in one sitting! Do your part by calling today.