You Try Everything to Keep Your Child’s Hair Clean, So Should You Worry About…

You’ve made it a habit to have your kid regularly bathe. You’ve taught them that styling products are not good for their hair. You take your child to a local hairdresser at least once every 3 months to get their hair trimmed. It’s neat, well-maintained and healthy. They’re healthy. In short, your kid’s personal hygiene is a 10/10—no compromise. That keeps lice at bay too, right? Right? Right…?

News Flash: Head Lice Do Not Discriminate!

Head lice do not differentiate between clean and untidy hairs. Period. In fact, your hygiene habits do not matter to them. Your child is as likely to contract head lice with clean hair, as they are with untidy hairs. And there is no research to suggest otherwise. Repeat after us: Head lice do not discriminate! That being said, over the years, few common aspects of head lice infestation have been observed. This information could well help you to mitigate risk of head lice infestation in your child, if not eliminate it.

Head Lice Infestation in Children – What You Need to Know

The most important thing that you need to know about head lice infestation is it spreads from head-to-head contact or sharing belongings of someone who already has lice. If someone has head lice and is in head-to-head contact with the other person, the next person is likely to contract head lice, regardless of how good or poor your hair hygiene is. Since children make head-to-head contacts at school with their classmates and friends, schools are therefore considered to be the most likely source of head lice infestation. Secondly, it’s worth noting that girls are more likely to get lice than boys. This is because girls have longer hair, tend to share their personal belongings with their friends (especially combs and head bands) and make head-to-head contacts more frequently than boys. Educating your child about different ways head lice spread, you can minimize the risks of an infestation.

A Suggestion Worth Noting

Besides that, getting your child inspected by a head lice doctor every few months will ensure that any infestation is addressed and controlled in early stages. You can also carry out an inspection on your own but spotting signs of head lice infestation requires a trained eye. Consult a professional lice doctor for this. Want to know more about these notorious critters and how you can get rid of them? Want to know more about these notorious critters? Check out this post to learn about head lice facts that you didn’t know! You can also visit our  lice doctor Orlando in Florida to get the effective lice removal treatment.