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Otc treatments & other remedies

a Prescription shampoos are formulated from harsh chemicals that are not guaranteed to kill or eliminate the lice—and exposing your child to these toxins isn’t worth it. Over time and with the use of pesticides, head lice have become resistant to these products. Though they contain strong chemicals, these chemicals are unable to penetrate the nits' eggshell. Once these eggs hatch, you have a new infestation. Choose a safer, more effective treatment that is actually guaranteed to work.
a Over-the-counter treatments are not only ineffective, they are unsafe. The only way to completely eliminate head lice is to manually comb out all lice and nits with a specially designed comb. Solutions, shampoos and other “remedies” won’t make them go away. In fact, about 60% of our clients come to us after using OTC treatments.
a Lice have evolved over the years to ensure their survival. To this end, they have developed immunity to the strong chemicals found in most lice shampoos.
a The only proven method of treating and eliminating lice is manual removal of both the lice and nits. Our combing and inspection method guarantees that every single louse and nit have been removed. This is the only way to eliminate lice and protect against a repeat infestation. The Lice Troopers all-natural solutions and lotions that are applied to the hair during treatment are not intended to kill the lice but to soften and detangle the hair before combing, and to release the glue that the nits secrete in order to adhere to the hair. This allows us to comb out the nits more effectively.
a The simple answer is, no. While many of these products are approved by the FDA, they contain harsh pesticides and other chemicals that we cannot recommend for use on your child’s head. These chemicals can be especially dangerous for young children and adults who suffer from illnesses, compromised immunity and other chronic health conditions, as well as pregnant mothers.
a No. While spraying your child’s head with a solution made of garlic can help prevent lice, this and other home remedies are not effective in eliminating lice once an infestation has occurred.
a No. Though you may find many internet claims to their effectiveness, head lice are notoriously hardy and are not eliminated with any type of food product. These treatments are not only ineffective, they’re messy and a waste of time.
a No! Though many will claim that doing so will suffocate and kill the lice, it is not only completely ineffective, it is a suffocation hazard for your child. Head lice must be manually removed.
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