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Head lice checking & detection

a Head lice can be seen throughout the hair, with nits often attached to individual strands of hair and near the scalp. When screening for head lice, our professionals examine the hair, section by section before diagnosing.
a The best light to use when checking for head lice is sunlight or bright fluorescent lighting.
a Head lice nits (eggs) and dandruff may be similar in appearance (both small and white or yellowish in color), but the important difference is the way in which lice and nits adhere to the hair. Dandruff and flakes caused by dry scalp fall away when brushed, whereas nits are attached to strands of hair and do not brush away.
a You can find out by extracting the particle and placing on a white paper towel. If the particle shows up against the paper towel, it is most likely an egg.
a The best way to check for lice is manual examination by a trained professional. It is easy to mistake head lice and nits for flaky scalp or other debris—the eyes of our lice removal technicians are trained specifically to spot lice and nits as they examine the hair section by section. Scheduling a screening gives you peace of mind, knowing definitively whether or not you have head lice.
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