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About head lice removal

a Not necessarily. While a head lice infestation will indeed cause an itchy scalp, there can be other causes of the itchiness such as dryness, heat, oil and dirt buildup, psoriasis, allergic reactions and other skin conditions. Children with itchy scalp should schedule a head lice screening in order to determine whether head lice are the cause of the itchiness.
a Anyone who has had contact with another individual who has head lice. For example, if one family member has head lice, the rest of the family should be screened immediately in order to halt the spread. Lice are highly contagious, passing easily among those in close contact. If other children in your child’s school have head lice, your child should be screened as well. Infestations must be treated urgently in order to prevent an epidemic as well as repeat infestations.
a All family members should immediately be screened for head lice. Only those that have head lice pay for treatment. If no head lice are found, only the screening fee is charged.
a No. In fact, when lice come into contact with water they protect themselves by clamping down on the hair more intensely. Frequent hair washing can neither prevent nor eliminate lice. The only way to prevent lice is to avoid head-to-head contact with those who have head lice, and to refrain from sharing personal belongings such as hats, hairbrushes and pillows. The only way to eliminate head lice is to manually comb out all lice and nits.
a Any parent who has had to confront head lice on their own child can attest to the nightmare it can become, with one failed attempt after another and parents going mad searching for nits. These efforts, while well-intentioned, only lead to frustration, crying children and a high chance of reoccurrence. To rid your child and household of the infestation quickly, efficiently, safely and permanently, a professional lice removal service is required. Our lice removal experts have a trained eye, as well as the endurance to continuously pick lice and eggs until the job is done.
a Home remedies, over-the-counter treatments and shampoos are messy, often toxic, and in the end, ineffective. Lice and nits must be manually removed—a job that most parents are not trained to do. Even one nit left behind can launch a new infestation. Our trained professionals know exactly what they are looking for—they go through the scalp and hair meticulously, combing out every single louse and nit. Your child is then guaranteed lice free.
a The only way to get rid of head lice is to manually remove them. Head lice are remarkably resilient and relentless and they stand up even to harsh chemicals. Thus, they must be combed out using a specially designed lice comb. Every single louse and nit must be removed.
a No, and it is actually a violation of health code for a salon to cut the hair of an individual who has a known case of head lice. Cutting your child’s hair at home is an option and it may make it easier to remove the lice, but it is not necessary.
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