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The lice troopers method

a Yes. We pride ourselves on our all natural, organic and environmentally friendly treatments and methods. There is no need to expose your child to harsh chemicals—they’re ineffective anyway. The techniques we employ have been used for decades and are proven safe and effective.
a At Lice Troopers we know that home remedies, over-the-counter treatments and prescription shampoos are not only messy and potentially toxic, they just don’t work. Our method is all-natural and completely chemical free. It’s also guaranteed. No repeat treatments, no hassle, no wasted time or money.
a Lice Troopers is a sister company of the nationally recognized Lice Busters. We employ the same guaranteed effective, all-natural head lice removal treatment originally pioneered by Lice Busters.
a Lice Busters is a professional head lice removal treatment approach developed by CEO Dalya Harel. The Lice Busters method is all-natural and guaranteed effective with just one treatment.
a The chemicals in over the counter head lice treatments and prescription shampoos used to kill lice and nits are essentially pesticides. These potent pesticides usually have potentially dangerous side effects and health risks associated with their use. Our methods are all natural, safe and guaranteed. There is no need to expose your child to harsh chemicals in order to eliminate head lice once and for all.
a Our all-natural method relies on the only treatment that really works: manually combing through the hair, section by section, with a state-of-the-art lice comb. While we apply various products to your child's hair throughout the process, they are all natural and organic, and for the purpose of making the hair easier to work with, not for killing head lice.
a Yes. All lice and nits must be removed in order for a child to be declared "lice free". Our technicians patiently and meticulously comb through your child's hair to guarantee that every louse and nit have been removed.
a Only one! The Lice Troopers method is guaranteed effective after just one treatment.
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