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frequently asked questions

After treatment & home care

a All items, such as bedding, clothes, hats, and plush toys, must be washed in 130 degree water. Furniture, mattresses, rugs and other items require a thorough vacuuming. Brushes, combs and hair accessories should be thrown away. Other items that cannot be washed can be placed into an airtight plastic bag for 10-14 days.
a No re-treatment is necessary. However, we recommend a follow-up screening.
a It is not necessary to throw away your pillows. All pillowcases and pillows should be washed in 130 degree water and put in the dryer for at least 30 minutes.
a Yes, we recommend throwing out hairbrushes and other hair accessories such as hair ties.
a If your car has a cloth interior, vacuum seats and headrests thoroughly. Wipe leather seats with a damp cloth.
a Yes, carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly, but only one time is necessary.
a Plastic toys do not need to be washed or cleaned. We recommend putting dolls and plush toys in airtight plastic bags for 10-14 days to ensure that any nits that may have attached to them are dead.
a No. These sprays contain multiple toxic chemicals you don’t want in your home and are not effective in killing lice anyways.
a Clothing, bedding, towels, hats and clothing that have been worn recently and had contact with the hair.
a Lice Troopers can perform a thorough cleaning and vacuuming of your home to eliminate all traces of head lice in less than two hours.
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