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30 + lice treatment centers nationwide. we also provide in-home lice removal services

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With multiple locations and same day appointments available, you can be treated at any one of our family-friendly clinics.

We Can Come to You

The preferred way to save you time, receive the same 5-star lice removal treatment in the convenience of your own home. With this discrete service no one will ever know we were there.

Home Cleanings & Inspection

Technicians take care of all lice and nit removal tasks such stripping bed linens, bagging household items, and vacuuming carpets and furniture. A complete walkthrough and cleaning in circa 2 hours.

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Safe & All Natural

We use safe, all-natural solutions to ineffective and harsh, toxic chemical treatments

School Clearance Letters

Receive a school clearance certificate that allows your child to return to class

100% Guaranteed

Our promise that you will be 100% lice free when treated by our lice removal experts

Money Saving Membership

Membership offers free visual screenings and treatments with preferred appointments

Affordable Prices

Completely eradicate pesky head lice with our easy, convenient and flat-rate services

Back to School the Same Day

A single all-natural treatment is all that’s needed to eliminate a head lice infestation