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Lice Infestation Home Inspection & Lice House Cleaning Services

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If a member of your household has been exposed to head lice, contact Lice Troopers immediately to set up your appointment for complete home inspection and cleaning services. With our convenient extended evening and weekend hours, we can schedule services the very same day.

We Come to Your Home in Unmarked Cars

No one needs to know your household is being treated for head lice. Our technicians have your privacy in mind, performing treatment quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

While Treatment is Performed on the Family Member or Members, We have an Expert Crew Cleaning Your Home Thoroughly

No carpet is left un-vacuumed. No cushion or pillow is forgotten. Our professionals know exactly where they love to hide. From floor to ceiling, they inspect, clean and remove ALL parasites and nits.

Thorough Examination and Screening

All potentially affected children or adults are carefully screened for head louse parasites and nits. It is recommended that all family members be checked at this time.
Following treatment, the hair and scalp are then meticulously rechecked to ensure complete elimination of head louse parasites and their nits (eggs).

Home Walk-Through

Following treatment and cleaning, our removal experts walk with you through your home, advising what items need to be thrown out. We also provide you with important preventative tips so that you can be proactive in preventing future head lice infestations.


No more worrying about what may be lurking on the sofa cushions. With Our Home Inspection and Cleaning Services, you gain the peace of mind that your family is protected against repeat infestations and your home is completely free of these annoying parasites!

Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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