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On Location Screenings For Schools, Camps, & Athletic Teams

Schedule a Lice Screening for Your School, Camp or Team

At Lice Troopers, we stand ready to tackle your head louse infestation problem, big or small. Call us today to set up an appointment for on-location screening. Lice Free Membership for schools.

We Come to Your School with Trained Technicians—up to Three Times a Year

Lice Troopers collaborate with you to keep your school or group free of the head louse parasites and nits. With periodic screenings, you ensure that if an infestation does break out, it is handled quickly and efficiently. Call on our trained technicians up to three times a year.

Each Student and Teacher are Screened by our Staff

Our technicians' eyes are trained to spot the parasites and nits immediately. All children and teachers are screened so that infestations do not go undetected.

If any are found, we extract the Nit or Louse and tape it to one of our brochures

The child is given the brochure which provides the parent with evidence that lice has been found on their child, and provides us with contact information for scheduling treatment and to prevent further spread of infestation to family members.

The Brochure with the Evidence, Includes a $25 off Coupon to be Applied toward Treatment

We provide an all-natural, guaranteed effective lice removal treatment solution for students and families. Students who are infected receive a $25 off coupon for their removal treatment (one per family).

Parents Schedule Removal Treatment at our Clinic or in the Convenience of their own Home--the Same Day

While finding out one’s child has been infected with head lice can be traumatic, we come to parents’ rescue by providing treatment that is fast, convenient, all natural and 100% effective. Parents can set up treatment as soon as they find out, either in our salon or by house call. We help get kids back to school quickly by providing same day appointments

Parent Receives a LICE FREE Certificate to Present to the Child’s School

Following treatment, we guarantee kids are no longer infected. A certificate from our company allows them to be re-admitted to school with the confidence that all the parasites and eggs are gone and the school is protected against repeat infestations.

Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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