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How to Treat Lice

Lice have been a problem for people for centuries. They don’t cause any immediate health problems but no one likes the idea of hosting parasites on their head!

To make matters worse, lice multiply exponentially; female lice will lay over a hundred nits (lice eggs) after each time they mate. They’ll lay nits, the nits will hatch, and in a week or two the nymphs (baby lice) will become adult lice and be able to reproduce.

Unless the cycle is broken, it will keep going and a time will come where the lice will be dropping out of hair strands and fall onto clothing, bedding, etc.

Parents are advised to not let their child’s head lice get out of control. Even though lice don’t carry diseases it’s better to remove instead of letting them live in your kids head.

So how do you treat lice?

You’ll find plenty of bizarre treatments of treating lice on the Internet. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Slathering Mayonnaise On The Infested Head

One of the messiest methods of removing lice (according to the internet) is to slather the infested head with mayonnaise. How does mayonnaise kill lice? It doesn’t—very few things do. Mayonnaise may not kill lice but the internet suggests that its thickness can clog the breathing holes of lice and in turn cause them to suffocate and die.

Here’s what the blogs on the internet don’t tell you—lice can hold their breath for over 8 hours. Unless you’re planning to keep your child’s head covered in mayonnaise for a day, trying to suffocate each louse walking on their head will be very difficult to do.

2. Shrink Wrapping The Infested Head

Dousing the infested head with mayonnaise isn’t the only way of supposedly suffocating lice, you can also try and use shrink wrap. Parent bloggers claim that wrapping their child’s head in shrink wrap stopped lice from breathing and allowed them to be washed away under running water.

As creative as this method is, it’s just not effective and nor is it safe for your child. It’s impossible for you to shrink wrap your child’s head tight enough for it suffocate such tiny insects. Even if you do manage to obstruct their breathing, lice can hold their breath for over 8 hours.

By shrink wrapping your child’s head, the lice won’t die but you most definitely will cause your child tremendous discomfort.

3. Water Dunks

If the other “treatments” weren’t bizarre enough, some parents suggest that you try and dunk your child’s head in water. Lice don’t like water and will take cover when they’re exposed to it. However that doesn’t mean that they can be washed away by it. Lice have claws that allow them to grip hair strands; they will not be moved by water.

Anti-Lice Products

Using over-the-counter anti-lice products was once the go-to method of treating lice from a child’s head but due to overexposure, these products are no longer effective.

Just like other insects undergo mutations to survive exposure to specific pesticides, lice have also evolved and become resistant to pesticides that are commonly used in anti-lice products.


This new and evolved generation of lice is aptly named “Superlice.” Lice have always been strong survivors but with this new mutation it’s become even harder to treat them.

Anti-lice products never “killed” lice; they simply paralyzed them so they can be washed away under running water. But today the most prominent names of the anti-lice products market have zero effect on them.

Superlice cannot be beaten by your average OTC anti-lice product. To treat Superlice, you’ll have to return to oldest lice removing technique in the book—manual extraction!

Manual extraction of each lice and nit is the best treatment for lice.

Lice Troopers’ Lice Removal Services

At Lice Troopers we don’t rely on OTC anti-lice products to treat lice, instead we use all-natural products, advanced technology and manual nit-picking techniques to remove not just lice but their nits too.

Our professional and highly efficient lice removal services include in-home lice removal, camp & school screenings and home inspection and cleaning.

We also give our customers the option to visit our lice treatment salons if they would prefer to carry out treatment outside the house.

In-Home Lice Removal

At the end of the day, lice are pesky critters; they’re tiny insects that feast off our scalps when given the chance. Lice are icky and it’s understandable if you don’t want to go through the trouble of meticulously combing through your child’s hair and picking lice.

At the end of the day, lice are pesky critters; they’re tiny insects that feast off our scalps when given the chance. Lice are icky and it’s understandable if you don’t want to go through the trouble of meticulously combing through your child’s hair and picking lice.

The process is simple. We’ll cover the infested hair in our all-natural products and slowly comb through it with a fine-tooth lice comb. Removing adult-lice with a fine-tooth is easy; it’s the nits and the nymphs (baby lice) that require more work. To extract nits and nymphs are experts will traditional nit picking techniques.

Once your child’s head is clean, we’ll check other family members for lice too.

Camp & School Screenings

Because kids are in close proximity to one another, it’s much easier for them to catch lice compared to adults.

Knowing that schools and camps are hotbeds for lice, we provide school and camp screenings to ensure that all kids are lice-free.

Way too often school nurses and camp organizers fail to identify nits and lice. Camp organizers and school nurses can hire Lice Troopers to check each child’s head.

We’re here to lend a helping hand and keep your students head free of lice.

Lice Treatment Salons

We understand if you don’t want lice to be removed at your house so we provide the option of booking an appointment at one of our lice treatment salons.

Our kid-friendly lice treatment salons offer a comfortable atmosphere that put your kids at ease. We’ll use our all-natural products to make it easier for us to extract lice by combing it carefully using a customized fine-tooth comb.

We also have special technology that enables us to spot the nits and nymphs hidden in the roots. Removing every single nymph and nit is crucial in preventing re-infestations in the future.

Our lice treatment salons are located across the country including New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas and other states too.

Home Inspection and Cleaning

Home inspection and cleaning is needed to ensure that all our hard work doesn’t go to waste. It’s common for lice to fall off hair and although they need human blood to survive, they can live without a human host for about 48 hours.

By inspecting and cleaning your home, we pick up any rogue lice that may have fallen onto bedding, pillows, rugs, carpers, etc and reduce chances of infestations.

Did your child catch lice? There’s no need to panic and give us a call at 1-800-403-5423 to book our services. We can have your child lice-free in no time!

Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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