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Lice Troopers Provides Complete Lice Treatments With Numerous Clinics All Across The Region. We Also Provide In Home Lice Service In Miami, Broward, Tallahassee, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, New Jersey & New York. Our Services Include Screening, Home Inspection, And Guaranteed Treatment provided By Expert Lice technicians. We Use The Best All-Natural Products That Are Hard On The Problem But Gentle On The Head.

Providing salon and in-home services, Plus school screenings in Florida, New York, New Jersey & Nationwide.

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For all-natural nit and head louse removal that's 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers today to schedule your appointment for an in-home head lice removal treatment. Getting free of the lice and nits (eggs) is easy, pain-free and affordable. Our In-home services provide the comfort, convenience, and confidentiality you seek by providing complete professional lice removal service at home. Just give us a call and our in home lice removal team will arrive at your place with all the equipment and products necessary for the job. One of the main challenges of finding a head lice removal service is the embarrassment of discussing your infestation with an outsider. We respect your privacy and give you the convenience of booking our professional lice removal treatment anonymously at home.

For all-natural head lice removal services that are 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers salon today to schedule your appointment. Getting rid of head louse parasites and nits is easy, pain-free and affordable. Our fully equipped, well-lit, and customer friendly lice treatment centre is a visible explanation of what makes us the best professionals in this business. We take our jobs very seriously and that is why we have invested in offering our customers the best services in a comfortable environment. Visit your nearest Lice Troopers head lice removal salon today! We provide all-natural, non-toxic and chemical-free treatments at our exclusive head lice removal salons Nationwide. Our cutting edge technology provides highly effective head screenings and treatments that is safe for all children. Visit our lice treatment center today!”


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