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30 + lice treatment centers nationwide. we also provide in-home lice removal services
Lice Troopers locations service families across the United States offering lice treatment center services as well as house calls. Our Lice treatments are 100 % safe, natural and effective. Our treatments remove all super lice that are resistant to over the counter lice treatments. We accept credit cards, cash, HSA & FSA payments. We also provide completed claim documents for your insurance company for reimbursement.”

No Removal Treatment Is Safer Or More Effective!

Lice Troopers Provides Complete Lice Treatments With Numerous Clinics All Across The Region. We Also Provide In Home Lice Service In Miami, Broward, Tallahassee, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville & New York. Our Services Include Screening, Home Inspection, And Guaranteed Treatment (Or Your Money Back) Provided By Expert Lice Doctors. We Use The Best All-Natural Products That Are Hard On The Problem But Gentle On The Head.

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Providing salon and in-home services, plus school screenings in Florida and New York.

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Lice Troopers is the name families and schools trust for all-natural head lice removal that really works. No other treatment method is as safe or effective, and best of all, our approach is a completely chemical free treatment. Why expose your child to toxic pesticides when the all-natural method works so much better?

Parents are often overwhelmed by the number of treatment options available to them. Should you try to handle the problem at home or call the professionals? Which service is the most effective and most reliable? It can be a challenge to sift through the endless online forums and websites as you try to find the method or service that is right for you and your family.

We’re here to make it a little easier. No need to waste your time with the home remedies and the over-the-counter pesticide treatments. These can be costly and messy, not to mention dangerous. And unfortunately, they can’t remove these bugs. Instead, go with the approach that is based on decades of experience and thousands of success stories. Treatment with Lice Troopers is all-natural, physician recommended and safe for children of all ages—even those with compromised immunity.

Whether you are in South Florida or New York, our expertly trained technicians are standing by, ready to serve the needs of your family. With centrally-located salon clinics and a convenient house call option, you know the problem will be handled swiftly and effectively. No more waiting around as the infestation only multiplies.

We recognize that even though the head louse parasite is not dangerous, it is a serious nuisance, and must be eliminated promptly. Early detection also helps minimize your child’s discomfort, as well as the risk of spreading the bugs to other children. We work with you to make sure your case is treated the very same day with extended evening and weekend hours for your family’s convenience.

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