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For all-natural lice treatment and removal that's 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers salon today to schedule your appointment. Getting treatment is easy, pain-free, and affordable.

When it comes to a place to get lice, no place can ever beat school! And that is why we provide special screening services for school. Our screening services can be followed by the best lice treatment for kids.

  • A group of our highly skilled Lice Troopers technicians comes directly to your school
  • Our lice removal specialists, experienced in working with children, are warm, friendly and professional
  • Head lice screenings offered for daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools, junior high and high schools
  • Screen many children at one time to prevent the spread of head lice
  • Early detection prevents a school-wide infestation
  • Evidence-based educational presentations—learn how to spot them, stop them from spreading, properly clean your environment after lice and prevent repeat infestations following treatment
  • Screenings also can be performed on location at summer camps and for athletic teams—two environments in which the head louse parasites and nits spread rapidly
  • Our removal experts help you develop and implement a plan of treatment for affected children

Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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