What are Head Lice

Although they resemble a sesame seed with their small size and flat shape, head lice are a lot peskier. They survive on a blood diet, which they get from feeding off the blood of their human host. These troublesome little creatures make themselves comfortable on the scalp and hair of human beings and are known to feed several times a day. It is their act of feeding that causes the irritation and itchiness that is commonly associated with lice. The saliva they excrete causes an allergic reaction on the human scalp leaving open sores, and irritated skin. If left untreated, these become increasingly itchy and bothersome and can even lead to infection.

There are three stages of development in the life cycle of a head louse.

  • Stage 1: Nits or eggs
    This is the egg stage. Often white or yellow in appearance, nits are found attached to the hair shaft and are very often confused for dandruff. Although the eggs are generally an indication that there are existing mature adults present, they can also be contracted from close contact with an infected person or by sharing their personal items.

  • Stage 2: The Nymph Stage
    Once the eggs hatch the lice begin their second phase as a ‘nymph’. Nymphs are “teenage” lice. It is during the Nymph phase that the blood sucking will begin. The nymph will begin feeding off the host’s blood while leaving their saliva behind. This is the cause of the irritation and itchiness. They will continue to feed off the blood they suck throughout their lifetime.

  • Stage Three: Adult Lice
    It takes roughly seven days for a nymph to develop into a full-grown, six legged adult. The natural color of an adult louse is grey or brown however they have been known to assume the color of their host’s hair so as to appear camouflaged. This is more common when the host has darker hair.

  • The adult will survive for roughly 30 days during which time it will feed, mate and leave behind a fresh batch of nits. So the cycle will continue unless action is taken to remove them.

  • Being that lice are so contagious, it is important to treat them quickly and thoroughly to prevent a widespread outbreak. Although there are many treatments available, there are not many that can guarantee results. The use of harsh chemicals does not ensure the removal of the lice infestation.

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  • Our entire process lasts less than an hour in most cases and we are meticulous and painstaking in our treatment. Using our organic, non-toxic lice solution, we manually remove each and every offending louse and nit.

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