Membership Plan Benefits: The Lice membership includes FREE unlimited visual lice screenings and three FREE lice treatments a year for confirmed cases on visual screening. Membership appointments are available between the hours of 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday-Friday, at our treatment centers by appointment only. Memberships exclude house call services.

New Enrollment Monthly Membership Plan Fees
: The “Monthly Plan” fee costs $9.95/month for the first 12 months. After 12 months, the membership subscription plan will auto-renew at $12.95/month. Members’ may cancel the membership plan after the 12-month contract without any cancellation fee. Cancellation prior to 12 months will incur a $95 cancellation fee. All members that utilize the membership plan prior to the 12 month enrollment contract period will be billed a prorated rate to complete the 12 month contract period at the time the first treatment service is used. All subsequent membership payments will resume every month post the 12 months from the sign-up date at the renewal price of $12.95. Example: If a client has made two membership payments and receives treatment at the center, the client will get billed the remaining ten payments to complete the 12 months at the time of treatment. All subsequent monthly renewal fees will get charged after 12 months from the enrollment sign-up date at the monthly renewal rate.

New Enrollment Yearly Membership Plan Fee
: The “Yearly Subscription Plan” fee is $119.40/year for the first 12-month membership enrollment period. After 12 months, the membership subscription plan will auto-renew at $155.40/year. No refund for early termination of any yearly membership plan.

Existing Members Monthly/Yearly Plan Renewal Fees (Effective June 1, 2020)
: Members with a subscription date between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020, will auto-renew after 12 months at $12.95 for a monthly plan or $155.40 for a yearly plan. Members with a subscription date between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2019, will auto-renew at $12.95 for a monthly plan or $155.40 for annual plan effective June 1, 2020.

Membership Auto-Renew
: All Lice Troopers’ membership plans are on auto-renew as per our enrollment terms and conditions. For “Yearly Membership Subscription Plan”, your credit card will automatically be re-billed yearly. For “Monthly Membership Subscription Plan”, your credit card will automatically be re-billed monthly. Please be advised that your re-billing date can fluctuate based on your sign-up date.

Membership Active Date
: All memberships become active 45 days after enrollment if the member was screened or be treated by Lice Troopers within 45 of enrollment and certified as lice free. All other members enrolled in the membership who have not come in for a screening or treatment within 45 days of enrollment; the membership will become active after 60 days of enrollment regardless of monthly membership payments.

Contract Period
: Minimum 12-month commitment. Memberships will auto-renew after 12 months.

Early Termination & Failed Payments
: Failed membership payments will incur a collection fee of $15. After a 31-day collection period, Lice troopers will terminate the membership(s), and billed a $95 cancellation fee per member if they are within their 12-month commitment period. Early termination will result in a $95 cancellation fee. All uncollected accounts will be referred to a collection agency.

Other Charges
: If a client has an outstanding balance including but not limited to; no show fees, outstanding membership payments, cancellation fees, the client authorizes Lice Troopers to charge any outstanding payment to any active method of payment on file.

Membership Cancellation Notice
: To notify us that you do not wish to AUTO-RENEW for a subsequent billing cycle, we require notice in writing at least four business days before your current membership cycle ends. If you wish not to auto-renew, please write NO AUTO-RENEW in the subject line of your email and send your request to If we do not receive notification in writing at least four business days before your current program cycle ends, you will automatically be billed for an additional cycle. You will be obligated to continue service through the subsequent cycle(s).

Membership Appointment Reservations
: Appointment cancellations without at least 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a $25 cancellation or a no-show fee per reserved slot even if the member has an active membership. The client authorizes Lice Troopers to charge any cancellation or no show fee in the amount of $25 per reserved slot to the billing method on file without any additional authorization.

Conditions of use
: You must be currently enrolled in the plan and current on payments to take advantage of plan benefits. Every member of the household AND secondary households (where applicable) must be checked and cleared of lice or treated by Lice Troopers whenever a plan member is found to have lice and is being treated by Lice Troopers under the membership plan. All applicable fees apply to anyone not covered on our plan. If a technician does not check family members at Lice Troopers, Lice Troopers will not be required to perform services on any active member.

Changes to Membership Plan Terms & Conditions
: Lice Troopers reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. We encourage you to read this policy periodically. You are responsible for ensuring we have an up-to-date active and deliverable email address for you, and for periodically visiting our website and this guarantee, membership policy to check for any changes.

Lice Troopers Rights
: Lice Troopers reserve the right to cancel any membership plan without notice and at its discretion. We may also require a government photo id before performing services.

Contact Information
: To ask questions or comment about our Policy or terms, contact us at . You may also call our customer service department at 1 (855) 647-4570.