• Arie Harel

    Chief Executive Officer

    A certified EMT and coordinator for Hatzalah Emergency Services, Arie is also the CEO of Lice Troopers and also assumes the duties of COO. His experience in health care and customer service drive his work with the company. Arie is also married to Jennie Harel and the father of three children.
  • Dalya Harel

    Managing Partner

    Known nationally as “the Lice Lady” and the “Ladybug”, it was Harel’s experience with her 9 children and their perpetual head lice infestations that lead to the search for a better method of lice removal. Lice Busters NYC , the parent company of Lice Troopers, is the product of her research and practice. With 25 years of experience, Harel’s pioneering method continues to set the standard in pesticide free and 100% effective lice removal.
  • Mariana Aburman

    Human Resource Manager

    As Human Resource Manager, Mariana monitors all Human Resources functions including recruiting and interviewing candidates, checking references and performing background checks, setting up company policies, developing job descriptions, and maintaining updated employee records.
  • Yoni Harel

    Northeast Operations Director

    Yoni, Dayla Harel’s son, brings years of experience in the head lice removal business. His first-hand experience and professional background inform his management of the Northeast region, as well as his logistics and quality control work to our company.
  • Elizabeth Cofino

    Lice Expert

    Elizabeth is our in-house expert, keeping us abreast of the latest in industry advances. Her long history in customer service makes her an asset to our team.