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Head Lice Education
Community Awareness

Head Lice Education

Head lice education starts with community awareness at home and in schools. No one wants to deal with a case of these nasty head louse parasites. As any parent or school administrator knows, head lice infestations and outbreaks eat up countless hours and dollars, while causing unnecessary discomfort and distress for children and their families. Lice Troopers puts a stop to all of that.

Head Lice Education

Prevention begins with education. That is why we are committed to helping schools and families understand how lice are passed from one child to another at school or one family member to another at home and how they can be prevented. All treatments conclude with education and specific instructions showing families and schools what they can do to ensure they stay free of the parasites.

However, when an infestation creeps into a summer camp, school or home, we are equipped and ready to stop a mass epidemic before it starts. With our thorough head lice screenings, our dedicated staff can check hundreds of kids quickly and efficiently on site, while helping those who have been infected receive treatment without delay. Early detection and treatment is the key.

Our commitment to our clients and our community is seen even in our method of treatment. We simply do not believe in exposing children and teens to harsh chemicals and pesticides. Our treatment is safe for children of all ages, even those with compromised health. We believe in responsible and sustainable treatment methods that involve NO risk and are 100% effective and guaranteed.

Lice Troopers is committed to Lice Free Communities —one head at a time

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