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a We provide notification emails that you may use to inform your child’s teacher or school administrators that your child has been treated for head lice, but Lice Troopers does not notify the school.
a No. Your privacy is our priority and all services performed in our clinic or in your home are completely confidential. No one will know your child has had head lice unless you choose to inform them.
a No. Just like in our salon, our staff is professional and respectful of your privacy. Our vehicles are unmarked and services within the home or another location are performed quickly and with the utmost discretion.
a Head lice can be seen throughout the hair, with nits often attached to individual strands of hair and near the scalp. When screening for head lice, our professionals examine the hair, section by section before diagnosing.
a The best light to use when checking for head lice is sunlight or bright fluorescent lighting.