Our professional services are all-natural and guaranteed effective with just one easy treatment. We proudly offer two ways to end the lice problem once and for all-come to our clinic or schedule a house call and have us come to you. We even provide home lice removal services to guarantee your home is completely lice free.

Lice treatment salon

Lice treatment salon

For all-natural head lice removal services that are 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers salon today to schedule your appointment. Getting rid of h...

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In-home head lice removal

In-home head lice removal

For all-natural nit and head louse removal that's 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers Salon today to schedule your appointment for an in-home head...

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Complete home inspection & cleaning

Complete home inspection & cleaning

For all-natural removal treatment that's 100% guaranteed or your money back, call the Lice Troopers salon today to schedule your appointment. Getting...

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Camp & school screenings

Camp & school screenings

For all-natural lice treatment and removal that's 100% guaranteed, call the Lice Troopers salon today to schedule your appointment. Getting treatment...

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Lice membership

See what our Lice Free Membership has to offer:
  • FREE visual head lice screenings
  • FREE treatments at our locations (if lice or nits are found)
  • FREE Lice Prevention Guide
  • FREE phone consultations
  • Preferred appointment slots
  • Only $7.95/month (Reg S12.95) on Auto Renew per member
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A safe & smart solution for removal of lice

Single treatment

Single treatment

A single treatment is all that's needed to eliminate a head lice infestation. Using our all-natural organic treatment, our service eradicates all traces of these parasitic insects. Re-treatments only required for severe cases.

No harmful chemical

No harmful chemical

Free from the harsh chemicals and toxic materials that are not only harmful, but ineffective, our method is the natural, safe and trusted alternative.

State of the art facilities

State of the art facilities

Lice Troopers treatments are available in our state-of-the-art, children-friendly salon. In addition to our salon lice removal services, we also make house calls!

Affordable flat rate

Affordable flat rate

Other service companies require lengthy treatments and even charge clients by the hour. We offer an affordable flat rate service with guaranteed results.

Help with insurance

Help with insurance

WE help clients with insurance forms for any covered services. Check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage for treatments.

Our guarantee

Our guarantee

Lice Troopers guarantee is often what draws people in, but it's our honesty, patient care, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.

With Lice Troopers, getting rid of pesky head lice is easy, convenient and pain-free. You call, and we respond with our guaranteed lice removal treatment at our salon or in your home. You choose the plan that works for you.

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We get troubles off your head

Lice Troopers is the professional lice removal service provider offering all-natural and guaranteed treatment of lice issues. While we have the most well equipped salon to ensure proper removal of lice, we also offer the convenience of head lice removal at home. Founded by a team of experts with medical certification and proper understanding of the issue, Lice Troopers ensures complete eradication of these pesky, blood sucking parasites. Drop by at your nearest clinic or call our lice experts for comprehensive screening of your head and home. It’s time to get rid of lice once and for all! Are you or someone you know dealing with a case of head lice? Our all-natural, non-toxic treatment is guaranteed! Lice Troopers has successfully treated thousands of clients, people of all ages—particularly children—to overwhelmingly positive results! Why experiment with hopeless home remedies that do more damage to your scalp than anything else? Our lice clinics are located Nationwide, offering state-of-the-art technology to help you get rid of lice in just one sitting! Led by a team of lice professionals, we bring you the best head lice treatment.”

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Lice Troopers offers an all-natural treatment that is guaranteed!

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