3 Lice Removal Tactics That DON’T Work!

There are a few situations in life that warrant immediate panic and stress – as much as a difficult lice-y situation. In fact, dealing with head lice trumps every other situation for people, concerning their kids! Must be because many schools in Key Biscayne still follow the No-Nit Policy diligently and strictly, causing children with head lice to miss days and weeks of school all because of this menace. Parents in their haste to treat lice infestations sometimes utilize not-so-good lice removal methods and tactics that do more harm than good! Do you come in the same category? Turn back from this path of darkness and despair – recognize these 4 lice removal tactics and remove them from your arsenal!

Shaving Your Child’s Head

This act might not seem like a big deal. Shaving off all hair might even seem like a good idea at the time especially for boys. But… this panic move can cost a lot of emotional damage to the child, as well as playground bullying. Another thing to remember is: lice can easily live in hair as short as 2mm and your kid’s hair will grow pretty quickly. So, shaving their head isn’t a long-term head lice prevention solution especially with so many better options available.

DIY Home Remedies

There are two types of people: one who visit Lice Troopers and the second who think home remedies can get rid of lice. Word on the web is that this critter can be smothered with oil or mayonnaise. This so called pesticide free option involves applying mayonnaise or another greasy substance (Vaseline, olive oil etc) on the head and covering in a plastic cap. The idea behind this lice removal treatment is that lice will suffocate when hair is greasy or dirty. In actuality, it isn’t a good idea to place a plastic bag or even shower cap on your child’s head.

OTC Lice Products

Most parents go into automatic mode when faced with a head lice emergency. The first action taken is usually heading to their nearest grocery store or pharmacy and buying OTC lice removal shampoos and lotions that proclaim a fast and thorough lice treatment. Fuelled by fear and embarrassment caused by social stigma of head lice, they don’t even read the ingredients list of the products. Why is it so important to read the ingredient’s list of popular OTC lice removal products? Did you know these solutions and treatments contain chemicals that come under insecticides and pesticides? Substances that have been banned for usage by developed countries of the world! These chemicals promote a slew of health complications not to mention parents forget how these products don’t work anymore due to super lice on the prowl. So, what will you do when lice bites at your head the next time? Schedule an appointment by calling us at 800-403-5423 to enjoy our lice treatment service Miami Beach.