4 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using OTC Lice Treatments, Now!

The most difficult part of removing lice from your child’s head isn’t the actual lice removing and killing part. It’s the deep guilt and embarrassment that all parents feel when their child comes home from school with a lice note in tow. How could you have missed all the signs? The scratching behind their ears, the complaints about not having a good night’s sleep! Adding fuel to fire – parents faced with the tough task of lice removal almost always choose the easiest way out. OTC lice removal solutions have been used since a long time and are still being used despite evidence suggesting increase in chemicals resisting lice! There are many reasons not to choose this plan of action when dealing with head lice. Its treatment and prevention is possible using alternative methods of lice removal! The following reasons are given by lice doctor Plantation regarding OTC solutions and shampoos.

OTC Lice Removal Solutions Have Chemicals

This is one reason parents shouldn’t overlook when considering OTC lice removal solutions as their treatment option. Fact of the matter is – OTC lice removal solutions (easily available at drugstores) are loaded with toxic chemicals and pesticides. The most common solutions i.e. Nix and Rid have an active ingredient permethrin listed on the bottle. Such chemicals and pesticides pose serious health risks and side-effects even if used 2 or 3 times.

Too Many Follow-up Treatments Are Necessary

One application of OTC lice removal solutions or shampoos isn’t enough to get rid of an infestation. You will need to use the product a lot of times before you are completely lice-free! Does this mean these chemicals aren’t effective in killing lice? Well, OTC lice removal products aren’t ovicidal meaning only adult lice is killed and not the nits or eggs. Overtime, the nits hatch again and renew their entire life cycle!

Effectiveness Is Dampened By Mutant or Super Lice

Lice have become resistant to over the counter lice removal products according to evidence and research conducted on the subject. A number of American states are affected by mutant lice, which has evolved and become resistant to the toxic chemicals in the products. Mutant lice cannot be killed by pouring these chemicals on the head. So, don’t try this at home.

Price Is High For OTC Lice Removal Products

Buying OTC lice removal products may seem like the more attractive and cheaper option at first but this can cost a lot after some time of usage. If you think about it, choosing this method of lice removal actually costs a lot! Since one application of the treatment solution won’t get rid of lice, you’ll have to purchase more than one bottle. Different brands cost differently – the best ones costing the most! Additionally, you’ll still have to delouse your home after conducting treatment. Getting rid of lice once and for all is really easy but you need to make the right decision. To visit Lice Troopers lice clinic Plantation or let the experts come to your home? That is the question!