5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Head Lice

There’s nothing quite like spending your day alone, curled up on your coach, reading your favorite book. Your son will be arriving home from school in a bit and your husband is away at work. You want to relax a little more before your little munchkin runs through the door, calling for you. Every day is the same. You wait for your child to come home. He walks in and excitedly tells you about his day. But today is different. Today is not like every other day. Today your child walks in and hands you a crumbled piece of paper. You open it and drop it on the floor, mouth and eyes wide-open. “This is to inform you that there has been a lice inspection in your son’s class. There have been several children dealing with the infestation, including Michael. He may return to school once he has sought necessary treatment for the eradication of head lice.” Your son has lice? How is that possible? He bathes every day and you make sure to thoroughly wash his hair. The underlying problem has nothing to do with hygiene. These are lies we tell ourselves. In fact, lice love clean hair! Here are a few lice myths you should be aware of:

Lice Love Dirty Hair

As stated earlier, lice love clean hair. Why? The answer is simple: freedom of movement. That’s right. Clean hair helps the little critters latch onto the scalp and dig their claws in. Because there’s no grease to make them slip or fall, it becomes easier for them to suck blood, without restrictions.

Lice Can Jump and Fly

Lice are not contagious because they can jump or fly. In fact, they cannot jump nor fly. So you do not need to worry about a louse flying like a pigeon or jumping like a flea into your head. The reason why they’re contagious is because they can crawl at a fast pace. They can crawl onto clothes and into human hair.

They Can Survive Without Blood for Months

Lice cannot survive without blood. That is why, they are known as miniature vampires. They get their nutrients from human blood, similar to bed bugs. A louse cannot survive more than a day or two without drinking blood.

Lice Prefer Long Hair

Lice survive on human blood, not human hair. It doesn’t matter whether the victim’s hair is long or short; lice need to latch onto the scalp so they can thrive by drinking blood.

Kids get Lice from School

This is misleading and false. Anyone, of any age, can contract head lice. You can contract head lice at work or on the bus. Head lice are easier to contract in public places, where there are several people. If you share your comb with someone who has lice, you’re more likely to contract the blood-sucking parasites than your child at camp school. Don’t let these myths beat you! If you want to successfully get rid of lice, call a lice removal service. It works a treat and is guaranteed. We are a lice clinic that specializes in the removal of head lice. Contact us to book an appointment!