Lice Happens – A Hilarious Take By Popular Show Modern Family

A bit of fun goes a long way especially when it comes to head lice. Being all glum when removing head lice from your child’s hair at 2 a.m. in the morning can bring anyone down – whether it’s the first of many times or a re-infestation. Head lice are one of those dreaded but popular subjects that have been featured in various TV shows of a comedic nature. Simpsons did one episode on the stigma associated with head lice… even The Office pitched in a hilarious story about head lice outbreaks.

Modern Family ‘The Feud’ – A Tale of Lice, Love, and Revenge

This simply hilarious show about 3 different families has tickled viewers for a few years now, becoming popular for a lot of reasons. Episode 15 of season 5 holds a really special place for lice doctor Hollywood as this episode not only features head lice but has managed to address misconceptions about these dirty bugs. What is even interesting is how each character reacts to the news, tries to avoid catching head lice (unsuccessfully), and then uses head lice as a weapon of revenge! Predictably the episode generates its laughs based on behavior of the characters when dealing with situation, mirroring exactly how ‘real parents and other people’ act like. So yeah – there is plenty of hysteria, fear, paranoia, disgust, and determination when it comes to lice removal at the very end. Here’s the story-line… as well as the misconceptions addressed by the show’s writers which we will debunk.
  • Lily’s school calls Mitchell (Lily’s dad) to report a head lice outbreak in her class… the school asks that Lily be treated too, just in case.
  • Cameron (Lily’s other dad) immediately places the blame of the lice outbreak on another child, referring the Lily’s classmate as filthy.
  • In the end, Phil attempts to exact revenge on his rival by insisting he give a piggy-back ride to Lily, amidst strong protests.
Does Phil get his revenge at the end of the episode? Or suffer from head lice due to his own inadvertent head-to-head contact with his daughter? We may never know the answers but what we can provide is a break from some popular lice misconceptions.

Misconception #1: Only Filthy Children Get Lice

This is untrue… lice don’t discriminate which means clean children are likely to get head lice as much as kids who take a shower daily. Lice don’t even care if we wash behind our ears!

Misconception #2: Even Brief Head-to-Head Contact Is Enough

Head lice cannot fly or jump. All the little critter does is crawl really fast and takes opportunity when it’s presented. That window of opportunity is direct head-to-head contact with a lice infested person! Does this mean even brief contact will cause a head lice infestation? While possible this is highly unlikely. The same goes for taking selfies with a lice infested person. Want to know more about head lice and its removal? Head to the place where you can get the correct information on everything lice! Visit Lice Trooper’s lice treatment center Hollywood and enjoy our professional services!  For more details, call 800-403-5423.